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Головна » 2008 » Квітень » 20 » Конкурс проекту „Партнерство ЄС і ООН з гендерної рівності задля розвитку миру”
Конкурс проекту „Партнерство ЄС і ООН з гендерної рівності задля розвитку миру”
Наслідуючи принципи Фонду Розвитку ООН в інтересах жінок (ЮНІФЕМ) щодо постійної співпраці з НУО та розвитку потенціалу громадянського суспільства, Фонд Розвитку ООН в інтересах жінок в країнах СНД оголошує конкурс для громадських організацій в рамках Проекту Партнерство ЄС і ООН з гендерної рівності задля розвитку і миру.

У додатку – умови та критерії відбору організації, а також детальний план діяльності в рамках Проекту (англ. мовою).

Термін виконання – 7 місяців, початок роботи – кінець квітня.

Прохання – надсилати резюме організації, резюме виконавців, та орієнтовний бюджет активностей, запланованих в рамках цього конкурсу. Переможець буде оголошений 22 квітня 2008 р. Якщо виникають питання, телефонуйте - Марина Саприкіна, національний координатор проекту, +38 050 685 04 31

Джерело : Жіночий Фонд Розвитку ООН в інтересах жінок

Додатки : Технічне завдання

Terms of Reference
for NGO
to promote gender equality in aid effectiveness process


The last five years have been marked by a number of milestones toward establishing a new aid architecture where countries have affirmed the need to improve aid effectiveness and increase volumes of aid. The link between these commitments and the visionary promises made by countries to advance gender equality in the Beijing Platform for Action (BPFA), the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and Security Council Resolution 1325 needs to be clarified and strengthened.

In this context, the European Commission (EC), the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) and the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organizations (ITC/ILO) are collaborating on a three-year (2007 - 2009) joint project EC/UN Partnership on Gender Equality for Peace and Development which will be piloted in 12 countries, among them is Ukraine.

The EC/UN Partnership supports stronger action on gender equality and women’s human rights in Ukrainian development processes and in cooperation programmes supported by the European Commission. As a result of the mapping study conducted under the EC/UN Partnership Project the following findings were made: gender equality priority in Ukraine is not connected with other strategic documents, therefore national priorities on gender equality are not reflected in the budget, the donor commitments on gender equality in the processes of aid harmonization are not equal and donors don’t have mechanisms of tracking the gender mainstreaming in the programs and projects, Ukrainian CSOs are not aware of the aid effectiveness process to the full extent. Some of the recommendations were: to start applying the gender budgeting in Ukraine with the aim to strengthen government accountability, to calculate funds needed for implementation of gender priorities in Ukraine, to develop capacity of the key Ministries, gender advocates, women-members of the Parliament and NGOs on the formulation of national budgets and national development priorities on gender equality issues in the context of gender responsive budgeting and a general ‘engendering’ of national development processes through trainings; and establishment of an expert group for monitoring gender equality issues in the national strategies.

Under the overall supervision and guidance of the RPD UNIFEM CIS Sub-regional office based in Almaty, Kazakhstan, and National Coordinator of the Project based in Kyiv the NGO will establish coalition of gender experts on gender equality and aid effectiveness and will perform the following functions:
• Establish network of the 8-10 gender experts and coalition of the stakeholders/ NGOs for monitoring gender equality in aid effectiveness agenda in Ukraine;
• Gather information from local partners and international organization on gender equality and aid effectiveness;
• Facilitate defining priority areas (sectoral ministries) for further gender mainstreaming and introducing GRB approach (output 5.1);
• Develop a Guidelines for using multi-stakeholder processes to develop monitoring indicators to assess the impact of aid effectiveness on gender equality, including monitoring mechanisms and set of indicators, aligned with PD principles and indicators, methodology for Monitoring survey; (output 3.1);
• Undertake capacity needs assessment of mid-level civil servants from the ministries in priority areas and prepare training module and resource book on mainstreaming gender in SWAPs and budget support (output 2.1);
• Organize trainings for coalition on capacity development (Paris declaration and aid effectiveness process, gender responsive budgeting);
• Organise Round tables to discuss the findings of Monitoring Survey;
• To develop monthly newsletter on gender equality and aid effectiveness and AAA, and disseminate among network members as part of awareness on gender responsive approach to planning and budgeting, as well as on the results of Monitoring Survey and GRB process (output 2.2);
• Prepare the draft of the policy paper for Ghana-2008;
• Organize a round-table on Ghana-2008 results;
• Document the process and submit the monthly reports.

Time Frame
The NGO will provide its services for a period of 7 months (24th April 2008 – 24th November 2008).

1. establish Coalition of gender experts – 1st May,
2. establish network of the stakeholders – 10th May,
3. to prepare monthly newsletter and disseminate among stakeholders -1st of May, 1st of June, 1st of July, 1st of August, 1st of September, 1st October, 1st of November.
4. Facilitate defining priority areas (sectoral ministries) for further gender mainstreaming and introducing GRB approach (output 5.1) – 20th May
5. to organize trainings for Coalition on GRB – June 2008
6. to organise Round tables to discuss the findings of Monitoring Survey – June 2008
7. to prepare the draft of the Policy Paper for Ghana – 15th May 2008; prepare the final version of the Policy Paper for Ghana after consultation – 29 May 2008.
8. Organize a round-table on Ghana 2008 results – 9 September.
9. to document the process and submit the monthly reports - permanently

• Ukrainian non-profitable NGOs;
• Previous experience (minimum 3 years) in gender equality issues;
• Experience and knowledge on issues related to ODA and aid flows to developing countries is an added advantage;
• Good grantee history;
• Contact with international organizations is an advantage;
• Respect of confidentiality clauses regarding any sensitive/confidential information which could be received or handled in the exercise of the duties;
• staff command of Ukrainian, English will be an asset;

Interested NGOs should submit their applications (most recent CV of the organization and CVs of the performers, plus budget for activities) in English language to the e-mail addresses: maryna.saprykina@unifem.org
Please indicate "NGO" in the subject line of your message.
Applicants are strongly advised to match their qualifications against the post requirements before submitting applications.
The deadline for submission of applications is 20 April 2008.
Qualified women’s organizations are encouraged to apply. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. UNIFEM will use a transparent and competitive screening process, though will only contact those applicants in whom there is further interest. Applications may only be submitted for specific vacancies. We regret that we will not be able to acknowledge all unsolicited general applications for employment.
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